My Husband Died, Now What?

My Husband Died, Now What?
A Widow’s Guide to Grief Recovery & Smart Financial Decisions

Are you widowed, or do you know a widow who is fearful about her new-found state—emotionally and financially? Want a thorough guide to follow so you can move through grief emotionally in order to make smart financial decisions? If your answer to these questions is yes, yet you didn’t know who you could trust, look no further.

Written in English, not Financese, this easy-to-follow guide is divided into 2 Parts.

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Updated Dictionary of Useful Financial Investment Terms

Updated Dictionary of Financial Investment Terms
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“I have long been a proponent of cliff notes and cutting to the proverbial chase; the same holds true for finances.  There’s no sense, in my opinion, to slog through a huge, thick glossary of financial terms, many of which the average investor will NEVER need, nor perhaps fully understand.  I have distilled the thousands of financial terms down to something that is fully practical and indeed useful. The definitions are also written in English, not financeese—and I give corresponding examples, where applicable, to better bring the meaning home.  If you learn these terms, and their context in the realm of finance, you’ll be well ahead of the investing pack!”

Debra Morrison CFP

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