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SupaFresh – Camp Widow
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Mother of Murdered Teen
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Aurora Winter

“I just wanted to tell you all that I enjoyed Debra’s class. She speaks English where you can clearly understand it, even anyone that doesn’t understand ‘financial.’ Where to invest, what to do with your money and not to waste it as a widow, she tells you everything that you need to do. She’s great.”


“I’ve been meeting with Debra after going to her wonderful presentation. I felt like she was very clear, very competent. I already have confidence in her and the greatest thing she gave me was hope because I have had very difficult circumstances and she took 20 minutes of her time and turned it into 60 to give me some advice and to help me make a plan so I feel much more competent after being with her and I am looking forward to dealing with her in the future.”


“Debra’s presentation was very clear, she had good materials, she had a wonderful PowerPoint. I’m a teacher and so I very much appreciate it when someone can clearly teach, explain, and give examples that really clarify what her point was, and it made me want to talk with her on a personal basis after the presentation.”