Certified Grief Coach

Practitioner of The Peace Method®, Grief Coach Academy

Grief_Coach_AcademyIn the midst of grief, we often wonder if there really will be a tomorrow? And even if there is, will it be too unbearable?

Debra is a from Heartbreak to Happiness™ Coach who shortens the grief period following the loss of a partner from Time Magazine’s purported 5 – 8 years to mere months.

Debra’s extensive experience in working with widows even prior to 9/11 was notable, yet was buttressed with having given pro bono financial planning service to 6 widows and 1 widower for a year after the tragedy.

Years of experience advising newly widowed clients, combined with The Peace Method® training from The Grief Coach Academy, Debra meets widows in their grief, and offers baby steps to begin rebuilding their own foundation.

She provides structure for widows to follow in their first steps on the path from pain to peace, and lends support when their confidence wanes.

Debra strikes a delicate balance between empathizing with widow’s grief at the same time she’s providing the hope, vision and map for small steps forward as they recreate themselves & their families.

“While most of my experience Healing the Heartbroken, has been amassed helping widows, the same methods work whether you are grieving the loss of a partner, career, pet, relationship, child, or physical mobility.”

Debra Morrison

Coaching with Ms. Morrison

Training & Experience:

  • I have been effectively coaching people through myriad transitions for 34 years, yet only in the last 2 yrs have I acquired time-shortening strategies, which allow me to gift my coaching clients TIME.
  • Why choose me as a coach? I have provided relief where widows thought none was available.
  • Through coaching with me you will: Lessen your pain, increase your confidence, sharpen your focus and take steps to create a renewed YOU, filled with possibilities and the courage to explore them.
Debra Morrison CFP

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