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Ezine Articles Expert Author Starburst GraphicDebra has written and developed Books, CDs and DVD products to answer some commonly asked questions, that will steer you in the direction of achieving your goals both financially and personally.

Knowledge is power, and knowing what to focus upon will save you hundreds of hours of nosing around in all the wrong places.

Are you widowed, or do you know a widow who is fearful about her new-found state—emotionally and financially? Want a thorough guide to follow..Read More

In this fully digital guide, Debra will enable women to catapult themselves closer to profitable investing; after all, investing is really about common sense..
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This report explains gender specific brain structure, which results in different investing styles between men and women. The combination of the..
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Debra has distilled the thousands of financial terms down to something that is fully practical for your every day investing..Read More

This money guide has been designed specifically for a woman’s needs and is a must read for every independent woman interested in her financial well..
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This audio file may be extremely helpful to financial services professionals who wish to attract more female prospects and clients. Debra identifies..Read More



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