My Husband Died, Now What?
A Widow’s Guide to Grief Recovery & Smart Financial Decisions

Are you widowed, or do you know a widow who is fearful about her new-found state—emotionally and financially? Want a thorough guide to follow so you can move through grief emotionally in order to make smart financial decisions? If your answer to these questions is yes, yet you didn’t know who you could trust, look no further.

Written in English, not Financese, this easy-to-follow guide is divided into 2 Parts.

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Part I:

  • Meets you where you are, beginning with picking up your emotional pieces,
  • Prepares you for the stupid-ass things people say, and
  • Urges you to adopt a Six-Month No-Decision Zone, allowing time for your mind to settle so
  • Coaches you to choose safe places to emote fully, as you must ultimately “feel to heal.”

In Part II you’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate the Decision Zone so you don’t fall prey to expensive sales schemes,
  • Care for yourself and why it’s so vital,
  • Heal through giving
  • Forgive and release your husband,
  • Dust off your courage to re-create your life,
  • Detect and dismantle widow myths, once and for all.

In My Husband Died, Now What? A Widow’s Guide to Grief Recovery & Smart Financial Decisions you’ll get the emotional coaching to help you move through your grief from a Certified Grief Coach, followed up with clear advice on how to choose a financial planner to help you through the major financial decisions you’ll face.

The Important Notifications to Make chapter is detailed and easy-to-follow, as is the chapter on Organizing Your Finances. And you thought you couldn’t do this? Well with this handy guide, written by a seasoned Certified Financial Planner ™ your fears will dissipate as you take one step after another into reshaping your future.

Finally, you’ll appreciate the definitions of useful financial terms listed alphabetically in the back of the book, along with a URL link directory, that arranges all the URLs listed throughout the book, in topical order for easy reference.

You CAN find and nurture your unique essence and the mission for your life (and perhaps those of your children) by reading My Husband Died, Now What? A Widow’s Guide to Grief Recovery & Smart Financial Decisions.

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About the Author – Debra L. Morrison

Debra Morrison is a Fee-Only Wealth Manager, author, motivational speaker and certified Grief Coach who brings 36+ years of experience in personal financial planning and asset management. Debra is driven by the desire to share financial nuggets that help women feel empowered about their finances & their lives, regardless of circumstances. A myriad of media sources tap Debra’s wealth of experience.

She has been featured on CNN, ABC, MSG’s Metro Money and CNNfn, as well as being quoted in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Nation’s Business, Ladies Home Journal, New York Times, Business Week, Family Money, Garden State Woman, Investment News, Dermatology Business Management, Journal of Financial Planning, Money, CNN Money, Financial Advisor, America Online’s Moneywise, The Star Ledger and Reader’s Digest. She is listed in Marquis’ Who’s Who in Finance & Industry & Who’s Who of American Women as well as Nationwide Register’s Who’s Who in Executives and Business.

Debra L. Morrison