Pigs Get Fatter

By |2009-02-10T10:50:26-04:00February 10, 2009|Financial Planning, Investing Tips|

Alex Rodriguez’s admission to steroid use from 2001-2003 yesterday was the latest example of tarnish and cheating and lying. Young? Not too young to cash the big checks! Stupid, yes, I’ll readily agree. Greedy? Check. Selfish? Surely. A hero? Not.

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Watch Out for Covert Capital Gains

By |2008-12-30T21:30:28-04:00December 30, 2008|Financial Planning, Investing Tips|

Hey all you smart mutual fund investors, listen up! Check your accounts on line now, or call your broker or investment company,to see if your fund issued any capital gains this month. That's right, even though your fund's value probably took a nose dive, there very well may have been trading in that fund throughout the year that could have resulted in a capital gain. Mutual funds distribute the bulk of such gains during December to their shareholders, so you COULD owe income tax on capital gains even though your fund is sporting a big fat loss, or even a mild-paunchy loss...

No Interest in Zero Interest

By |2008-12-13T10:47:50-04:00December 13, 2008|Financial Planning, Investing Tips|

I, for one, have NO interest in zero percent return on my money. Yet this weeks' traunch of 4-week US Treasury bills paying ZERO percent sold out! Yes, you read correctly; people stormed the Treasury to have the US Government hold their money, period, paying out zero (or less, read on) interest.

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What to do with that 201(k)?

By |2008-11-06T21:31:22-04:00November 6, 2008|Financial Planning, Investing Tips|

We already recognize that we won't work at a "job" for 40 years, receive a pension and a gold watch and live happily ever after, like some of our parents and grandparents. Yet what are we doing about it? We will have on average 7 careers during which we will be responsible for our own retirement savings. 401(k) plans are plans that were created to be portable, so they could move with us, from job to job, career to career. Yet, guess what? We do have to fund them!

Great News Today and Some History, too

By |2008-10-17T10:29:39-04:00October 17, 2008|Financial Planning, Investing Tips|

I’ve just received my Master Practitioner Strategist certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming, learning all kinds of wonderful facts, which I will continue to share with you over the coming weeks and months. For example, did you know that information flows into our minds at a rate of 2-4 million bits per second, and yet we can only digest 134 bits per second? That means that the overflow of information floods our minds at a similar speed of water blasting from an open fire hydrant. We “filter” what actually enters our minds by deleting information that doesn’t make sense, distorting information based upon our beliefs, and/or by generalizing.

No More Pork Sausages, Please!

By |2008-10-01T10:48:54-04:00October 1, 2008|Financial Planning, Investing Tips|

I know it’s fall, but no where NEAR Christmas, so why all the ornaments on the rescue package? I mean I thought we were in a sub-prime mortgage clean-up and a solidifying the financial liquidity mode here so that Americans could continue to borrow money to keep their budgets or businesses afloat?

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Toss Out Bailout!

By |2008-09-29T21:26:12-04:00September 29, 2008|Financial Planning, Investing Tips|

Today’s was apparently a fairly acceptable if not good bill as an answer to an unprecedented liquidity and credit predicament bred here on US’s Wall Street and spawning across the globe. Voting to pass it to rectify the vast ineptitudes of lax financial regulation and it’s aftermath of failed banks and credit squeezes all at once was apparently too daunting for many of those we elected to lead us in Washington. Leaders lead in tough times. Shamefully, and certainly regretably, our leaders didn’t lead effectively today, from the President on down.

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