INcome in retirementWell, just in the case anyone was thinking, “it’s too late for me to make a difference.  My life isn’t meaningful anymore,” take a page out of Felma Schrimshire’s book; IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!

Today, Felma beat out nine other finalists from a field of 76 women, all competing for the coveted Ms. Alabama Nursing Home beauty queen title!  How’d she do it, you ask?  A World War II veteran, she saluted all three sections of the audience, and chatted up the judges to bring home the crown!  She was crowned by the gorgeous Miss Alabama, Courtney Porter, who I believe was secretly hoping she’ll look that good when she reaches age 100.

Ms. Schrimshire is now legally blind, yet she still greets her fellow nursing home residents each day with a smile.  I’m sorry she can’t see the return smiles, as she so richly deserves, yet she doesn’t let that stop her from being the socialite she is.   Stay tuned as I will endeavor to book Ms. Schrimshire on my Blog Talk Radio show to interview her for her words of wisdom for today’s woman.  I’m eager to hear how she managed to invest her money so that she’d have sufficient Income in Retirement, all the way to age 100.  She’s a great example of Women and Money being perfect together, isn’t she?

Felma taught Sunday School for 78 years, and served in a Surgeon’s office for a year during World War II.  My suspicion is that her answer to the question, What is Wealth? is to invest for the long term, maintain your health, and always wear a smile!

Congratulations Felma Schrimshire, Ms. Alabama Nursing Home Beauty Queen!