Women For ChrisThere is nothing more inspiring than women rallying around a woman of quality! We don’t do it nearly often enough. Last night, surrounded by New York city’s female elite, Christine Quinn, the current Speaker of the New York City Council, kicked off her campaign – a campaign that will not be taken to the polls for 2 more years! And the fun of it all is that I was there!!

I hope you will indulge me in some shameless name dropping, as I share with you such a fun evening.

Women and MoneyGloria Steinem spoke. Stephanie March (‘Law and Order: SVU’, and Mrs Bobby Flay) emceed the evening. Audra McDonald sang. Beautifully. Incredibly accomplished, impressively active women were honored. It was an inspiring evening, in a rather fun, downtown posh hotel. A great girls’ night out – and to think that two years from now, Christine Quinn might just be the Mayor of New York.

Christine Quinn is, from all I can see, a genuinely good politician, who works hard for the citizens of New York, fighting violence and gun laws, and supporting and nourishing those “that have come from nothing” with equality and zeal. She has been instrumental in the legalization of same-sex marriage in New York, and scored a “real legislative victory” when the new city budget was approved, at a mere $66 billion! Writes Crains’ Jeremy Smerd,

“She earned praise from the business community for not raising taxes and from organized labor for brokering a deal to avoid teacher layoffs and spare 20 fire companies from closing. And Ms. Quinn largely evaded criticism from public-sector unions for allowing attrition to shrink the city workforce by 3.7% next year.”

Stephanie March and Debra L MorrisonI tell you, I was pumped by the energy in the room. Women getting behind women for change is good. Women rallying around another quality woman is refreshing. What we can do when we work together

I say it all the time, because I so believe it —
We Can Do It Women!