New PromiseI reveled in the glorious music of the West Side Presbyterian Church in Ridgewood, NJ this morning. Here’s the link for the 11:15am service if you want to experience the absolute thrill of instrumental, vocal, bell choir, and chimes all praising God together, especially at the 33 minute mark; i.e., the triumphant last verse of the processional, and of course Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus and the Carillon de Westminster organ postlude at the end.

Today’s service was a feast for the ears and eyes today when we were reminded that “today is the first day of the rest of our lives”. We were urged to launch ourselves forward to new promise, and while the pastor specifically spoke of white males’ humiliation, I’ll raise up the plight of all women, who may have fallen on hard economic times and are either unemployed or significantly under-employed.

While we may be challenged we are not, and will not be rendered, poor. We are wealthy to be Americans, if we are, or to live in America, if you do. We are wealthy to be able to make new choices.

Sisters, our wealth lies in our spirit and the fight left in our souls. And I know us to be a powerful and determined lot. We will NOT allow circumstances to control and limit us any longer. We will regain our power, or perhaps gain our power now, and the power involved in understanding our money, and how we both spend and save it. These are equally important–spending and saving. Because wise spending and unwise savings or unwise spending and wise savings won’t produce the results we deserve. We deserve to learn new hints on wise spending and wise saving/investing, so that our blessings will compound. We will experience Easter, all through the year. We were down, yet not out. We thought we were less wealthy, and now we own our wealth, along with the expectation of gaining more wealth.

I know we women can march on to new confidence and mastery of our choices and our lives. To the extent money is a stumbling block instead of a tool for you, please commit to your own empowerment today; I’m happy to show the way. We Can Do It Women!


PS. a very big thank you to Thomas B from Germany, aka Pittoresk, for his dramatic and quite wonderful view of Spring daffodils.