I say that as I listen intently to Carrie Newcomer’s CD called Before and After, and the song, A Small Flashlight, in particular.  I so love this CD, and have nearly all the songs’ words committed to memory. 


These days when I, and others are talking about wealth in monetary terms–especially with Tax Season in full swing—I hearken back to my/our wealth of knowledge, our wealth of life experiences and our wealth of courage, that so many of us take for granted.  We women, especially, are wealthy in-and-of-ourselves.  Then you add to that wealth, the strength of our sisters and we become literally and figuratively unstoppable.


I’m wealthy today because I own my own power….my power over myself, my thoughts, my actions, not power OVER anything, or anyone, instead my power WITH.  My power to put one foot in front of the other, despite my not knowing for certain the path ahead. 


Carrie writes and sings:

“The way is dark up ahead of me. The way is dark and I cannot see.  What I love the most is a flashlight beam, lighting up the way when I cannot see. The way unfolds like an open hand. The way unfolds like I didn’t plan. And only in looking back do we understand, that the way was true as an open hand.  Over trials and trouble I’ve already come. And the net appears when I needed one…may we move forward one step at a time, wide-eyed and hopeful, lost and half blind, mistake by mistake we all learn to be kind….If I could close my mouth and open up my eyes… we’ll find our way with a small flashlight.”


Here’s Carrie’s website for your enjoyment:



Join with me on a money journey won’t you, as we provide small flashlights, to light your way to financial empowerment.  I invite you to listen to & participate in, our Blog Talk Radio show next Wed at noon, when I’ll talk about Tax Strategies For the Self-Employed.  In the meantime, enjoy those wealthy feelings this weekend as I will!