Yes, you read right.  I partnered with my Internet marketing guru, Michael Tasner, at a business development conference in San Francisco.  We stood 6 feet apart, rested each end of a 6 foot long Rebar Iron bar in the soft spot located in the front of our throats, just under our adam’s apple.  We looked into each other’s eyes, and concentrated on both our current power, as well as having drawn up former powerful images of ourselves by the instructor.

We each uttered the words, “I’m ready”, and then on the count of three, we began to walk towards each other, and UNBELIEVABLY, yes, right in front of our eyes and throats, that 6 foot long once-stiff iron bar bent into a U shape between us, the belly of the U-ed iron bar touching the ground.

What a glorious, and exciting illustration that our minds have incredible power, if only we can channel it.

So, my message today to my mature women who may fear that they can’t understand their money.  We Can Do It Women.  We can use the power of our minds, and sprinkle in some of my assistance through education and empathy to master our money.

Both Michael and I are even more committed believers in the magnificent and almost unbelievable powers of the mind.  Let’s use our minds women.  Let’s overcome whatever may have stopped us before to get in the financial game women, and make our dough rise!