It’s only natural to worry, and actually we’re wired to panic first, process later. Yet worry emits a negativity into the atmosphere that Is not just NOT helpful, it’s actually unhelpful. And in fact, the FEAR that worry creates causes each of us to “avoid risk” in such extreme ways that actually other unforeseen dangers emerge and have just as damaging results, often more so, than the thing we’re so worried about. For example, following 9-11 when a number of people swore off flying for fear of another Terrorist attack, there were 1,000 more fatalities reported from car accidents than in the previous year!

We discuss this at length in today’s podcast, and also my own personal connection and reaction the devastating earthquake in Japan that took place last Friday, March 11, 2011. (How macabre to notice that Japan now has a 3-11 disaster that we all are relating to from our own 9-11 experience.)

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That relief organization we mention that gives 100% of monies donated to the people in Japan is