Saving MoneyThis week Daylight Savings Time begins.  So, too does Lent.  Depending on what you give up, Lent could be a 40-day savings plan.  (Just saying!) Hence the question, are you in a “saving” mood?

I am.  With taxes just around the corner, by the time March comes along, I often renew my personal commitment to, at the very least, LOOK for savings opportunities.

Traditionally, March is the time to save on things like gas grills – it’s the last month before the retail Summer Peak Season begins.  Similarly, the new bicycle models are arriving daily; now is a great time to get a deal on last year’s model.

Don’t forget closeouts on seasonal purchases:

*  Boots

*  Winter Clothing

Sometimes there are good deals to be had on luggage in March, the logic for which totally escapes me!  (Kinda like why are White Sales always in January?  Why suddenly in January might everyone need new sheets and towels?)

At the grocery store, look to see if your favorite chain is offering specials on Frozen Foods.  I’m seeing significant reductions on broccoli, lettuce, mangos and pineapples right now at my store.  How about you?

I’d love to hear what deals there are in your area.  Do share your savings tips, by commenting below.  I’ll have more of mine on my weekly podcast at Ms Morrison Speaks Money.

There are deals to be had, so why not take advantage of them?  Remember, not over-spending is also a kind of saving.  Saving doesn’t have to be huge, horrifying chunks at the end of each month that gravely crimp your style.  It’s the little things over time that add up.   The more money you save on the day-to-day stuff, the more you have to invest, thereby creating wealth for your future.  It’s what wise women do.

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