SWhen you make a goal, especially a goal about money, you need two things to make that behavioral change happen:
1. the mindset
2. the belief that you deserve the favorable outcome achieving that goal will deliver.

To help us along the way, we turned the notion of being a WISE woman into an acronym, and we’ve been analyzing each letter, week by week. This week, we’re on S… strategic. We want to be deliberate, critical yet ultimately decisive and ready to take action on the plans we formulate.

Last week we look at the I within our acronym WISE. I, for me, is all about being Inquisitive. More than being curious and interested, it’s desiring knowledge and becoming analytical. When you read a news story about a certain stock, or a money manager, do you question the findings with a view to “data-mining”, as one example?

WWe started this series with the letter W… being watchful, circumspect, observant. The important lesson here is to keep wide-awake and to follow closely what is happening with your money. Have you checked that the places you’ve invested meet the demands your lifestyle will call for? If someone else manages your money for you, have you appraised them of any changes you might have made? How are you SAVING funds at the moment?