Debra L Morrison_headshot_200I understand many of the high stakes of this election on a whole host of fronts—personally, professionally and financially–and fully acknowledge that no one party or candidate or arm of government or sector of business has the answer NOR has made clear-cut, decisions without consequences, particularly in what many consider to be “emergency” situations.

As a NJ resident (still without electricity) I’ve experienced  Sandy, as devastatingly damaging as she was, serve to illustrate that in America, people help people, regardless of politics.  I hope that the pictures of Chris Christie talking with, in conversation with, President Obama serve as reminders of what has made America the most enduring nation on earth, and propel us to further conversations, rather than be held up as an anomaly.  The wealth we can take from this election and the grueling couple of years leading up to it, is that we are only as powerful as our effective communication.   We are only as powerful as our people and ideas; not just our wallets.

That said, we have FAR too many problems atop our heads and way too much healing to do to stand divided longer.  Yes, it’s been INCREDIBLY painful to believe fiercely in our views, only to see someone/the media distort truths and spread steroid-powered-fears that swept back and forth, up and down our states like an out-of-control wildfire.  We, as women, will continue to sift through the post election media coverage to seek consensus on our future, on our family’s futures, on our country’s futures.  Our stereotypical roles combined with our developing powerful roles, will propel us women to lead again (or for some, for the first time) starting within our families and in our communities and in our fragile world.

As Americans, we do have built-in Democratic measures to move forward—voting is just one such freedom.  Speaking together to educate ourselves as to the intricacy of our challenges and vetting myriad solutions with our best minds can, God willing, help us to move through the enormous pains we feel, and strategize together as to the best options to repair damage, and seek higher ground, for ALL Americans; that is my prayer today, post election, and for our future.

Women have been elected in record numbers this election; We HAVE brought change, We CAN bring more change, we CAN converse, we CAN build confidences, we CAN build alliances, and we Can and MUST contribute to peace-making–here at home and abroad.

We Can Do It Women!™