Welcome Client Connection listeners!

Here is the video link to my “Hidden Factor” presentation to the College for Financial Planning’s 2012 National Education Conference attendees.

The video presentation and the accompanying slides are bundled together at a regular cost of $24.99. If you enter the Promotional Code CC (for Client Connection) and purchase the bundle before January 15th, you’ll cash in on a 20% discount, and pay only $19.99 by using the promo code CC at checkout.

That’s right, the video and slides bundle is available to you until January 15th for an investment of only $19.99!

This will be an invaluable resource to help you attract and retain more clients — especially female clients — click on the link below for your Hidden Factor Bundle.

To your enhanced client relationships and profits,

As promised, here is the replay of my slide presentation:

CFFP-The Hidden Factor Presentation 043012 FINAL
The Hidden Factor In Maximizing Clients’ Total Return.


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