Dictionary of Investing Terms “I have long been a proponent of cliff notes and cutting to the proverbial chase; the same holds true for finances.  There’s no sense, in my opinion, to slog through a huge, thick glossary of financial terms, many of which the average investor will NEVER need, nor perhaps fully understand.  I have distilled the thousands of financial terms down to something that is fully practical for the meanings provided—which are also written in English, not financeese—and the corresponding examples, where applicable.  If you learn these terms, and their context in the realm of finance, you’ll be well ahead of the investing pack!”

Ms Morrison’s Updated
Dictionary of Useful Financial
Investment Terms
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 Common Sense Money Guide for Women  

Common Sense Money
Guide For Women
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Common Sense Guide to Investing

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 Wise Women's Guide to Investing This WISE Women’s Guide to Investing is fully digital, so you can take it wherever you go.  Debra has created the acronym WISE, depicting WISE women as Watchful, Inquisitive, Strategic and Empowered.  With these 4 attributes, women can catapult themselves closer to profitable investing; after all, investing is really about common sense, which women are hard wired with. 

Blog Talk Radio Host Juliet Johnson interviews Debra on just what it means to be a WISE Woman Investor, and they strategize and laugh a lot throughout the 4 hour long audio files.  Because Debra surmises that some of you are visuals, like her, she’s also transcribed each interview, so you can follow along with the print version, as you listen.  Finally, she’s tied in a very practical workbook, that you’ll be able to put your newly learned skills to work immediately.  And, for a limited time,  you ‘ll receive a surprise, BONUS digital download.  Who doesn’t appreciate something snazzy for free?  I can tell you WISE women LOVE freebies!  Treat yourself to Ms. Morrison’s wisdom and wit as she walks you through a step by step guide to effective Investing.

Wise Women’s Guide to Investing
5 audio CDs, with transcripts, a
workbook and bonus video
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WISE Womens Guide to Investing


 New Widow Financial Lifeline  

New Widow Financial Lifeline Book
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Empowered Boomers

This pithy report goes a very long way in explaining gender specific brain structure, which results in different styles of communication between men and women.  Yes, women’s brains are hard wired for neuron chit-chat across the amygdala, allowing them to multi-task, and with regard to investments, be curious as to how each investment fits into the entire portfolio.  Men’s brains are hard wired to send nearly unilateral focus beams, which position them to “get things done”, expediently.  The combination of the contextual analysis of a typical female’s brain, combined with the target driven male brain construct can make for some mighty fine investment results.  Absent understanding these differences however, couples can get themselves in quite a conflict, which wastes valuable time.  Let me know how your communication with your partners and friends is enhanced after applying this knowledge, will you?

Empowered Boomers

Compounding Wealth

by Capitalizing On Boomer

Gender Differences


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College for Financial Planners

This audio file of Debra’s speech to the College For Financial Planning’s 2012 National Educational Conference, entitled The Hidden Factor in Maximizing Clients’ Total Return may be extremely helpful to financial services professionals who wish to attract more female prospects and clients.  Debra identifies procedures that are proven trust builders, and illustrates communication tips and styles, in working with women clients.  She references many experts’ research in behavioral finance such that you can further research any number of her sources to delve more deeply into how to build a psychological bridge to women—whether the women are savvy investors or just learning about investments.  “Your practice will surely be richer by your adopting these principles, and I hope you’ll enjoy my humor throughout.”

MP3 of Debra’s talk at the
College for Financial Planners®
on Monday, April 30, 2012.


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