Here is a sample audio from Debra L. Morrison where she shares how to:-

– Distinguish saving as earmarking funds for short-term purchases, and investing as creating medium to long term wealth.

– The goal is to write down last 2 days of expenses, then track next 5 days of expenses, noticing that simply being conscious of the future 5 days of expenses typically reduces those.

– Take control of what we CAN control.

– The NEED to send money ahead for expenses in our future, given that inflation will surely cause those future costs to soar by comparison to today’s costs.

– Deploy the analogy of football and basketball games having time limits–realizing that people/athletes get creative and motivated to “WIN” when the clock is running out…let’s us WIN by writing down our expenses.

Part 1 (13 minutes)

Part 2 (the last 4 minutes of a different presentation on a similar topic)


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