It’s a great first day of the rest of our “less-divided”, less alienated lives as Americans.  Yes, I know we will always have our share of ideological differences, and all Black Americans don’t think like all other Black Americans any more than Hillary supporters would be Palin supporters.

Yet we have hurdled a limiting belief or at least set a new example that we can be governed by, and proud of a Commander in Chief who is other than a white male in these United States of America.

We do need now to “pitch in” as Barack urged us to do last night, and do all we can to contribute to solutions to our problems, not merely be victims thereon.  I’m no where near Phil Gramm’s “nation of whiners” admonition here, yet I do want each of us to continue to create ways in which we can help ourselves first, and then help others.  We can help ourselves by turning off the TV a few hours a week to take a class at a community college, or online, to gain mastery over new skill sets because it will make us more interesting citizens, and also, just in case our “job” is eliminated.

The internet has leveled the entrepreneurial playing field more than any other single invention; and is no respecter of color, age, able bodiedness, or any other category.  We now can explore new ways to build businesses and market to people not just in our towns or states, but the whole world wide, online.

I’m really wanting to echo Barack’s oft repeated motivation chant, “yes we can” along the lines of self improvement, because Yes We Can.  And I might add, Yes, we Must, in order to stay current or compete in the world.  We will all be taking more proactive steps because big employers or big government are no longer the answer.  It’s truly the time for self-help!

Let’s each of us grab our creative caps and think, think, think and act, act, act our way out of this recession because We Can Do It Women!™.