Well I was informed this Christmas that last year’s Cocoa Beach reunion of my aunts and my cousin would definitely be an annual affair! No problem, we had a blast together, so why not create and cherish great memories while we can? We slept in the 3 beds in my small condo, & also on blow-up beds, yet no one complained about there only being 2 bathrooms. Yes, some of you will remember my 88-year old aunt Janet riding the waves last year, and at 89 she did go swimming in the ocean with me this year, yet for the most part, we just relaxed on the beach and took in some discount store shopping, as well as enjoyed local seafood. Here’s our gang at a waterfront restaurant called Jack Baker’s Lobster Shanty in Cocoa Beach, FL, which I highly recommend!AuntsCousins in CocoaBeach 2010
Why is this so special? My aunts were formative influences in my early years, and each provided me with wise guidance and counsel. We are a God-fearing and a musical family, so we delighted in singing hymns in 4 part harmony together once again.
Two of my aunts are widowed, and another one is taking care of her incapacitated husband, plus my cousin is widowed. Each of these women have learned to manage their money in a way that allows them a comfortable retirement. My cousin’s husband died suddenly so she is a perfect example of a woman who when she needed, pulled herself together, and provided comfort to her 2 children. None of these women started out knowing much about money–let’s remember the horrible socialization women who are now in their 70s and 80s received in their youth and early adulthood–yet they have put one foot in front of the other to forge ahead in uncharted waters, investing for their future. They pray for God’s guidance and they act. I’m happy to be related to them, and to hold them out as “everyday folks” who could serve as examples of empowered women to any woman who needs a role model. We Can Do It Women!