Dictionary of financial terms

Dictionary of USEFUL Financial Investment Terms


“Just explain the  useful financial investment terms, the ones I’ll use every day and I’ll be happy!”

Kim McGrigg, when she appeared on my Women and Money This Week podcast on Financial Literacy, spoke of the overwhelm and confusion so many women feel around money, investment, the markets, etc.

Women are right to be confused and overwhelmed.  It’s a HUGE field that many take years to study; some a lifetime even. I’ve been a certified financial planner for 33 years and counting and I can tel you this is a vast landscape of options and alternatives.  But like anything else, when you break it down into bite-sized pieces, and take it one step at a time, understanding how financial investment works becomes understandable and straightforward.

To get everyone started, I put together a dictionary of useful financial investment terms.  I wanted to distill the vast amount of information out there into one small volume of just the terms most people use every day.  It’s a mere $2.99 at Amazon.com and is formatted for the Kindle.    This way, you can have it on your phone, on your eReader, available to hand whenever you need it.

Every field has its own jargon, its terms.  In Financial Investing, we have a plethora of terms and then all the market jargon you hear on CNBC.  Don’t worry about those guys and their made up stuff.  This dictionary is all you need to know when you’re investing, whether as a beginner or a seasoned pro!

If you would prefer a paper version, please contact us directly, or leave word in the Comments section below and we’ll get a copy over to you.