Women and Money Consider Financial Literacy

Kim McGrigg

April 2011 was designated Financial Literacy Month in the United States. April was picked because with taxes pressing so heavily on the minds of all Americans around April 15th, money matters are front and center. ON our weekly podcast, I was joined by Kim McGrigg, the National Spokeswoman for this movement, and she shared invaluable resources. Over the next few blog posts, we will be unpacking her advice and sharing it all in bite sized pieces.

Here is the replay, and I invite you to listen hard as Kim advises:

“Do Not Accept That Paying Credit Card Interest Is Just Part Of Your Regular Budget!”

From my own perspective, I can assure you that paying interest on credit cards is NOT written into the Constitution as one of your unalienable rights!  It is not. Every dollar you spend can be spent somewhere else.

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Financial Literacy, as defined by Kim and her team, is simple and straightforward:- gaining the information that you need to make informed decisions. That means knowing how much money you have coming in, and making a budget so that you can live within your means, and save a little along the way.

Of course, budgets aren’t always easy to stick to. And, we’ll be talking more about this in future posts. Think for a minute now, what is your biggest budget buster? We all have them. Mine is travel. I can’t resist a chance to jump on a plane and see someone in person, be it family, a business associate, a client or just a dear friend. That, and technology… especially if they promise me it will save me time and hassle. What’s yours? (please share your thoughts in the comments section below.)