I have awaited President Obama’s choice to head the Consumer Financial Protection Agency for months now, and am overjoyed that Elizabeth Warren will now head it. After all, she has been involved in the creation and continuous work of this agency from the start, yet to now have a proverbial `gun in her holster’ is surely what we need to really begin to unwind the errantness of Wall Street’s greedy ways.
As I blogged last October, a Harvard Law School professor, Elizabeth has a clear command of the history of financial regulations and now is poised to actually speak out and design “fixes”.
Yes, she’s a consumer advocate, yes she’s articulate, and yes, she’s serious about results. Hope has been restored to many of us seasoned financial advisers and to many American women and men, principally those retired women and men with little time to make up their lost financial ground.
My hat’s off to Elizabeth Warren, and the President for appointing her–against the wishes of many of his supporters and certainly status quo seeking financiers.
It’s a new day…and a bright one indeed!
Make it a great weekend,
Ms. Morrison