Aurora WinterToday’s brilliant Blog Talk Radio guest was Aurora Winter, author of From Heartbreak to Happiness!  I was so energized by Aurora’s passion about helping people with heartbreak; our conversation today centered on widows, widowers, and partners who had lost their significant other to death and how to coach them through their brokenness into wholeness again.  Aurora spoke first hand of becoming a widow at age 31, when her her soul mate & husband of 10 years, died suddenly at the age of 33.

I urge you to gift yourself and anyone you know of, who has survived the loss of their mate, her masterful book, From Heartbreak to Happiness.   My hard bound copy is dog eared and highlighted extensively, cause right when I thought she couldn’t be clearer, and this is a real nugget of wisdom, she’d follow it up with another, and another.  She has shared her personal diary with us here, sprinkling salient quotations from revered spiritual leaders, songwriters, and sages of all types throughout.  It is a page turner, for sure, as she chronicles her feelings and how logic collided with her feelings, and her feelings collided with logic.  She was gifted with several dreams, which repeatedly shifted her perception towards her future, and that of her son.

Personally, I like to highlight various salient sections and turn up the important pages on her hard bound book.  Yet she is so intent on gifting heartbroken people her intimate journey of healing, that you can click on the Aurora’s gift in my previous blog to receive From Heartbreak to Happiness as an e-book.  Yes, for FREE!!

Unsatisfied to heal only herself and her son (who was 4 yrs old when his Dad died), she has since founded the Grief Coach Academy, which is dedicated to training coaches how to coach clients through grief, and help individuals dramatically accelerate the healing process from the typical 5-8 years to a matter of months, using her trademarked From Heartbreak to Happiness Coaching recipe. WOW….Talk about a WISE investment!  This information can change your life, add years to your life and add life to your years.

Aurora has graciously offered our readers a $50. discount off the already low registration fee of $445 for her upcoming Los Angeles event, September 10th-11th.

Just go to her website, and enter the word friend in the box marked Coupon Code; it’s that easy.

This September 10th – 11th, Los Angeles, CA event is for YOU if you are…

  • a coach (or considering becoming a coach)
  • eager to help yourself and others go From Heartbreak to Happiness®
  • dealing with a major life transition – such as a career change, death of a loved one, divorce, or move
  • helping people through crisis – such as a divorce attorney, minister, school counselor, or in human resources
  • ready to make a significant difference in the world
  • a therapist or counselor
  • in health care – such as a chiropractor, doctor, health practitioner
  • a leader or manager who cares about people
  • a business owner or entrepreneur
  • ready to take your income and impact to the next level
  • ready to find the gift in your own challenges and help others

Knowing what I know about survivors’ journeys, I whole-heartedly recommend shaving agony and time from your transformation From Heartbreak to Happiness, by learning from Aurora Winter, one of the leading authorities in healing.

Dr. Wayne Dyer & Dr/Rev. Michael Beckwith have both heartily endorsed her insightful work, and compliment her on breaking her process down into easy-to-implement steps.  Read her rave reviews on her website for more empowerment, yet sign up now for her next Grief Coach Academy event in Los Angeles, September 10th and 11th.

She packs a LOT into just 2 days, and has kept the cost well below that which the information is worth.  This could be your SINGLE finest investments EVER!  Take it from me, an investment adviser with over 33 years experience.

Meet Aurora in person, and me too, as I’ll be there learning her masterful skills and strategies.