Today, on Women and Money, we will be talking with the quite incredible Aurora Winters. This is my most joyful friend and a source of constant inspiration to me. She is also a magnificent writer! We will be talking about her second book, from Heartbreak to Happiness on today’s broadcast, yet Aurora’s first book is well worth a visit:

With ALL FIVE STAR reviews, here are some of the readers posted –
“Whatever loss or tragedy may have befallen you, I hope you’ll find a quiet, comfortable spot to read this honest and compelling personal odyssey. Ms. Winter is not some pontificating PhD, but a fellow human who managed to rise above the pit of overwhelming despair. As you read her magnificently written daily entries, and perfectly selected quotes, you realize you are not alone. You begin to comprehend a bigger picture. And you draw comfort and strength from her own healing.

Please give this book to a loved one or friend who is struggling with personal loss. And if that person is you, come share the light at the end of the tunnel with Aurora Winter. ”

and another –

“I read “From Heart Break to Happiness”, and I go back to it often when I am feeling down, or just want to feel less alone in my journey of grief. Aurora’s book is a comfort and an inspiration, and a wonderful gift to anyone you love.”

Widowed Advice - Heartbreak to HappinessIf you have questions, please post them below and I’ll hope to include them in the broadcast. You will also be invited to pick up your free gift from Aurora —

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