I know for many investors, resilience is something that eludes us in times of uncertainty.  Yet resilience is ultimately what keeps us investors ‘in the gamResiliencee’, invested IN the market, to stay!  Not to jump out of and into the market with abandon in response to the media’s hype, yet resilience to weather the normal cycles of the stock markets and the bond markets, in order to reach our long term goals.  Women and money are both resilient when you think about it.  Women’s ability to ‘go with the flow’ in work and family settings is indeed great training for us to invest now so we’ll have income in retirement.


I read this story below of a particular soldier, who was severely injured in Afghanistan, and years later, he is still committed to his path to recovery; his healing.  Can we investors, who may have been ‘bruised’ or ‘beaten up’ by the very normal, yet painful drops in the markets, be doubly resilient now, and in the future, as our financial lives depend on it, just as Sgt First Class Cory Remsburg’s physical life depends upon his continued dedication to the hard work of healing.

No matter how much our portfolios may have dropped in the past, no matter how much we may have THOUGHT we made irreparable mistakes, surely in the end, they are not mistakes that can’t be recovered from.  So, let’s take Sgt. Remsburg’s advice and “Lead the Way”.  While still re-learning how to talk, he blurted out, ““Just because you are down, you are not out.”  I fully concur!

Here’s the article on President Obama visiting Sgt. First Class Cory Remsburg 3 times