Hello again!


I’m delighted to be pictured here with New Jersey’s distinguished Senator Loretta Weinberg.  Over 400 men, women and kids gathered last night at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center to celebrate Ms. Weinberg’s selection as Governor Corzine’s running mate.  The press swarmed the event in order to capture a bit of Loretta’s spirit and grace.

From providing Seniors in NJ with checks good for NJ fresh produce under the Farmers Market Nutritional Program to battling Big Tobacco to ensure smoke-free indoor public places, Loretta Weinberg has proven herself to be a tireless worker for the people of New Jersey.  When Jon Corzine chose Loretta to be his Lieutenant gubernatorial candidate she introduced herself to voters as the “fiesty Jewish grandmother” of New Jersey politics.

She’s sponsored bills requiring insurance companies to pay for at least 48 hours of hospital care for new mothers and their babies, as well as lowering the legal alcohol level to .08 aiming to crack down on drunk drivers.  Further, she spearheaded the landmark autism research bill that funnels $1.00 from NJ Traffic Violations to autism research; i.e., $20 million dollars to autism research without costing NJ taxpayers a dime.

Loretta is dedicated to the preservation of families for more than 3 decades in public service.  She created the Governor’s Advisory Countil on Adolescent Preganancy, and also established NJ’s Child Proof Handgun Bill which mandates safety locks on all handguns, the first of it’s kind in the nation!

She serves on the AARP board in Teaneck and was a founding member of Shelter Our Sisters, as well as being active in the American Red Cross.  I’d say she’s worked consistently over the past 40 years to enhance the opportunities and lives of NJ’s men, women and children like no other.  She’s been called the “conscience” of New Jersey’s legislature.

What better example of We Can Do It Women is there?  Loretta is widowed yet still manages her life and money with courage and a sense of purpose.  She doesn’t give up.  I implore each of us to take a page out of Loretta’s book, and take a stand against whatever injustice we encounter–not only for ourselves, yet for all who follow, young and old.

I applaud senior women who are filled with hope and enthusiasm, and channel it to their own empowerment, and then to those more vulnerable.  Loretta, at age 74 models hope and fun for this and future generations.  Congratulations Loretta!