Freedom of ChoiceOk, admittedly this is the ultimate tease; a headline grabber.  Yet this is the advice given a young British girl, who’d overheard her parents discussing putting her on a plane to Pakistan for a forced marriage.  Yes, in THIS day and age!  The girl’s confidant told her to put a spoon in her underwear so that when she went through airport security, the alarm would sound, and she would be able to tell her story to the guard who would pat her down.  WOW!  These are truly words of wisdom, that are clearly strategic for this woman’s safety and hopefully, freedom from tyranny.

Imagine living in a society where choice is not an option.  Choice about whom to marry seems so automatic to us United States’ citizens, it’s a real eye opener to read of those whom lack such basic choices.

So, the Women in the World conference this past weekend in New York, highlighted our need to support such women with our finances and time, to liberate themselves and their families and villages.

I’m quoting from this link,

Newsweek and The Daily Beast editor-in-chief Tina Brown, who organized the event, said,

What’s exciting about this event is that these women come here and get energized by the freedoms that we have here. I think that by showing these women that we care about them, that we support them, either financially or with time, it fortifies them in their struggle.’

So, this calls us into further responsibility to Master our Money now.  We’ve no more time to waste on our excuses that “money is complicated”, or that we’re “not inclined to care about our money”.  That last quote kills me when I hear US Boomer women say that.  Well, I AM inclined to think about our money, as that will be our ‘ticket’ to greater freedoms and ultimately choices of how we mature, how we age, where we will live, how much we can travel, and, of course, how much we can loan or give women with far less than our (privileged) selves.

Join me to learn the basics of money and investing, and then strategies to Master your Money; it’s doable, and easier with an experienced money coach, so let’s get started, shall we?