Spring Savings TimeFor those of us who do change our clocks twice a year, today begins Daylight Savings Time. Yet, what are we “springing” ahead for?  Yes, we set our clocks one hour in advance; thus the axiom “spring ahead” followed by “fall behind”—for the one hour backwards adjustment which occurs each fall.

Might I suggest that we all take just 3 minutes each morning to reflect on our upcoming day…musing about what COULD happen today, and begin to amass a list of possibilities—ones which would enhance our mood, enhance our friends and family’s moods, enhance our bodies and general health, enhance our financial balance sheet, or simply enhance a stranger’s life.  I find some of the greatest pleasure in performing what some call a simple act of kindness to complete strangers.  Flashing a smile at just the right moment, connecting glances to convey you are not alone, high fiving someone to celebrate a “small” achievement, or something “gone right”.  As a matter of fact, when I am feeling down, the quickest way to pull me back into myself–which is Love, as everyone’s self is–is to extend love to someone else, which always seems infinitely easier than expressing love to myself, dah!  It is up to each of us, however, to bring Love home, within our Selves.

Being raised Christian fundamentalist, I heard over and over again, “love your neighbor as thyself” and it stymied me, cause I didn’t have a very good opinion of myself.  Well I’ve grown to understand that it is perhaps our utmost responsibility to God and the Universe to enhance our opinion of ourselves…we ARE created by God, after all, and “God didn’t make junk!”

So I suggest that we “spring past” each and every incident, word or phrase that appears, or feels, like it is self-denigrating, in order to reclaim Love, reclaim our BEST being(s)—today and each new day.  You know there is NO guarantee that you will finish today, let alone be granted a tomorrow.  98% of the people in each day’s obituaries didn’t expect to be THERE!

Let no more time be wasted on negative thoughts, especially those directed towards ourselves.  Let’s SPRING into positive, SPRING into deep breathing to cleanse our souls, clearing out our lungs, enabling them to work at full tilt to energize us to reach new heights.  Let’s SPRING into ideas, some of them, Big, Hairy, Audacious ones…why not?  What have we to lose?  Let’s rediscover the curiosity of a 2 year old, contemplating a flight of stairs, with the human urge to crawl up those stairs; absent the “what if the other kids at my play day see me slip?  Will they make fun of me?” notions, that we adults often are limited by.  Let’s dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is hearing, and act like we’ve only the stars to catch (or perhaps the moon), cause guess what, that’s all that matters.  Surely, that’s living in wealth?

Women, join me in SPRINGING AHEAD– into our own POSSIBILITIES—those in our heads and those not yet dreamed of, and ultimately AHEAD into our own GREATNESS, in which God is already WELL pleased.