As we glide past Valentine’s Day and President’s day, there is slim fun left before we get into the glum of tax season… and Lent, if your faith leads you that way!  Yet, did you know that we’ve actually been in “tax season” since January 15? You can file your taxes electronically from January 15 – April 15th. What do you do to make the whole process more fun?

Music soothes the savage beast, and never is that more important than doing the dreaded annual chore of preparing your taxes. But just like being frugal and dieting, preparing your taxes doesn’t have to be ALL grim! D’you have a special tax preparing soundtrack?  I do, and it makes getting the receipts in order, finding all the relevant paperwork, etc. a lot more fun.  On the left are some of my favorite tracks.

Am I missing your favorite? Please tell me, by entering it below in the comment box and I’ll add it to the list!…and remember that if you’re paying taxes, then you made money this year! This is a good thing!