I’m not a kook, and neither is Tina Powers, yet her power to receive clear & specific messages from those who have “crossed over” is proven. She answered questions tonight at the Lincoln Center, New York City, Barnes & Noble bookstore, and yes, she also brought 4 specific messages through from people whom had died and were related to 4 different audience members, who were grateful beyond words to hear reassurances that their beloved loved ones were safe and were sending them love and guidance.

Tina’s years of newscasting and anchoring came to an abrupt halt when she arrived at the scene of a fatal shooting of a child, before the parents. Her job was to garner the father’s reaction and ask him how he feels in the name of reporting. She made the decision right then and there that she needed to be involved in the solution to people’s pains and not be involved further in their problems.

Her last 8 years have been spent serving people in their grief, and remaining open to hearing the comforting voices of those who have passed and conveying those to their earthly relatives and friends, all in the name of healing, and offering hope.
I highly recommend her book entitled Reporting For The Other Side.

While I don’t have the gift of being a medium, I DO very much follow my intuition in life and wish to be a part of women’s empowerment, particularly with regard to their relationship with money. I often feel like one of my jobs is to translate “investment speak” into lay person’s language so that women can comprehend and understand and implement proven successful strategies. I am using my gifts in this area, and continue to preach, We Can Do It Women!