No, not into our pockets…into our minds, into our spirit, into our hearts for exactly what it is that we’d like to accomplish with the rest of our lives.

I can’t tell you how many folks in their fifties and sixties can’t articulate what their goals are. They come into my office and ask if they’ll have “enough” money, whatever that means!

The look on their faces when I ask, “well what are your goals?” is all too telling…too many of them haven’t a clue. KatieThis young athlete, Katie Ledecky, dug deep today saying, “I didn’t want to walk away from the meet with a ‘That was OK’ feeling–I dug in deep…put it all in there.”

I invite you to take a page out of Katie’s book. No, you don’t have to report to the swimming pool tomorrow at 5am. You have to do something far harder, and yet far more fulfilling.

You have to close your eyes and ask yourself:
“what haven’t I done yet that I would LOVE to do?”
“who of my family and friends haven’t I seen in the last 10 years, that I’m eager to visit?”
“what hobbies would I like to pursue when I have the time?”
“what vacation home would I like to own or rent?”
“if I had received a terminal illness diagnosis yesterday, what would my biggest regret have been?”
“when was the last time I belly-laughed or was moved to tears and what was I doing and can I plan more of those activities?”

You see, after these items are written down, you will have the WHY of investing. Earning money and making smart financial decisions to achieve them, one by one, is the HOW. After we put a timeline & pricetag on each of them, and prioritize them the HOW becomes the easy part. That’s an Empowered Retirement! Will that be what YOU’RE ordering up?

Katie’s WHY was so big, she figured out HOW to dig deeper and garnered her 5th gold tonight.

Let’s strengthen your WHY–grabbing satisfaction, experiences and happiness–and invariably the HOW takes care of itself.

Here’s a goal sheet to get you started. Ready, set, click here to download and GO!