Margaret Thatcher confidenceAs I heard the news of Margaret Thatcher’s passing this morning, I began reading so much of the history of this woman, and her courage to act in a way that she perceived brought renewal and hope to Britain. Of course I am not saying I agree with all she said or did (that’s a tall, if not impossible order for anyone, is it not?) yet I will forever be impressed with her stalwart leadership skills.

One of my favorite Margaret Thatcher quotes is “If you just set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time and you would achieve nothing.” May 3, 1989, commenting on her 10th anniversary as Prime Minister.

I think now of our quick and easy “liking” on Facebook for example, and smile as I realize how ultimately ‘shallow’ a ‘like’ is these days. I mean, it’s now an easy click of the mouse, or touch of our smart-phone, i-whatever screens.

Yet when we have confidence in our actions and in our direction about life matters; that requires FAR more than simply ‘liking’ our strategy, or being ‘liked’ by our friends/co-workers, etc., it requires devising a strategy and then applying a good amount of elbow grease and perseverance to see our goal through.

Confidence is one of the initial ingredients to decisive action. Information and wisdom run a close second to confidence. So, when I speak about Money Confidence for Women, I speak about what I believe to be essential skills for us to move forward; for women and money to be said in the same sentence without blanching, or shrinking.

I urge all women, the world wide, to do whatever it takes to bolster our confidence, and to take the next step towards ensuring that we have adequate income in retirement by saving NOW. Start small if you must, yet START. Your confidence will build as you take action. We Can Do It Women™