Today, we kicked off a 4 week series on the WISE Women’s Guide to Investing. We started by asking the question, will you be WISE about your money this year? At the beginning of every calendar year, most folks set goals. Well, there’s setting goals and then there’s mindset required to carry them out. This is the step that most people miss, of course. Just because you want to change, improve, grow, doesn’t magically make it happen…UNLESS you set the appropriate mindset and truly believe that you have every right to the change you want to see.

Plus, goals need to be fun.  Yes, simple, measurable, attainable… but fun.  So, we have acronym-ized the word WISE, to break down the mindset and approach every woman needs to be successful with their money this year.


This week we will be focusing on the letter W – which for me, is all about being watchful!